Keyboard / Mouse Bluetooth Keyboard problems


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My old wireless setup finally crapped out, so thought I'd try
Bluetooth with the longer range.

One thing I didn't know about Bluetooth, at least with this
particular keyboard, and mouse to a small extent, is that
after a brief period of inactivity it unconnects or deactivates
or whatever, and to reactive it I have to type a key and then
wait for 10 seconds or more for it to come alive.

Very irritating especially like when I'm trying to sign into
something, or am working on something.

I've looked in the app and don't see anything where I can
turn that off. I don't mind replacing the rechargeable batteries
more often if I can avoid that deactivating thing.

Any suggestions, or am I just stuck with that?
Maybe back to "old fashioned" wireless? At least
those were "always on" or whatever you'd call it.

It's a Microsoft mobile keyboard and mouse 5000.
There was a small install CD that came with them.

I don't know if the dongle would make any difference?



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Well, on the hopes there was something in the Bluetooth app that I missed, I went back and took another look.

Not much there, really. But I enabled Bluetooth Network (even tho I only have the BT keyboard and mouse and no other BT devices) and enabled sharing with other BT devices (I guess between the keyboard and mouse and dongle or ?).

None of those seemed particularly applicable when I looked at them before, but
whichever one of those did something, I did a test on the keyboard and at least
yet it hasn't shut off even waiting several minutes.

Actually, would be nice if everything PC / Windows would be that simple!