Boosting FPS in WoW

By PimpyMicPimp
Jan 6, 2007
  1. First off, let me state, I am a total tech-tard. So finding this site is a godsend :D Anyways, this isn't an introduction, that's something I'll do after, I have a question!

    So, I just got a new computer, and it's great except in one aspect: WoW has quite horrid FPS outdoors (it's fine in doors, though). When I say horrid, I mean outside it averages about 15 FPS. For me, accpetable is 23-25 FPS and awesome is 35 FPS. My goal is to make the game run at least 35 FPS at all times.

    I've been asking around and I've seen a few different options come up and I'm wondering if some pros here can give me their opinion and/or other options.

    1) Increase ram. I have 1 gig of ram currently, one of my buds says that if I already have 1 gig adding more won't help (although you can never have to much ram! :D) and another person said that 2 gigs can make a huge difference over 1 gig. What are your thoughts? I'm planning to buy an extra gig anyways, but do you think this will help?

    2) Graphics card update. This is, without a doubt, the weakest part of my computer. I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE. Old indeed. The thing I'm wondering is that since the game is not laggy, a.k.a. everything runs in the correct time (mounting, crafting items, etc.) it just looks choppier, is that something the graphics card is responsible for? And if so will something like bring it up to my 35+ FPS?
    3) Dual Core Processor: If I traded in for a model with dual core processing, would that help? I've been reading up on Dual Core's and it seems that since most games arn't built for Dual Core, they won't help out that much :p

    Here are some more specifics or my machine, from CPUz

    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3800+
    Processor Codename: Orleans
    Core Speed: 1001.1 MHz
    Multiplier: x5.0
    Bus speed: 200.2 MHz
    L2 Cache: 512 KBytes

    Type: DDR2
    Size: 1024 MBytes
    Channels: Dual
    Frequency: 200.2 Mhz

    I really appreciate any help or insight you might have on this matter. I do have trouble with computer hardware things like this, I understand the software side of things much better. Thanks again!

    [Edit] Let me give a big thank you to cfitzarl who in this thread,, suggested turning of vertical sync. I just did that and it has helped by getting the average FPS up to about 29ish. That is wwaaayyy better then 15, but I'd still like some opinions on what I've said above! Thanks!
  2. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    1) How much ram you need depends not only on the game you're playing, but also the number of applications you are going to be running in the background while playing. 1GiB should be enough if you make sure to close down any memory intensive applications while playing and the performance difference from 1GiB to 2GiB is a lot less than the difference going from 512MiB to 1GiB.

    2) Most likely it will, but before buying, make sure the card uses the same interface as the one you have on your motherboard (PCI, AGP, PCI-e...) and that your PSU is powerful enough to run it.

    3) A new graphics card definitely seems like the right upgrade for your computer right now. Unless you have the money, a dual-core can wait.

    When it comes to settings, if there is one in WoW called "World Detail" or similar, try turning it down a notch.

    Hope it helps!
  3. PimpyMicPimp

    PimpyMicPimp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you! That really does help! :D
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