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By Gilaskoram
Jun 13, 2008
  1. The other night my power blinked out, and I loaded my computer back up only to get the error "Boot Disk Failure, Insert System Disk". My computer was on a surge protector. Running windows XP Home. I hadn't noticed any problems with the Hard Drive before this. I have tried booting from a msdos floppy disk, but can't access the hard drive. In the Bios it reads my hard drive. My computer didn't come with a windows disk, so I tried using the recovery console on the 6 floppy disks. The directory comes up as C:, and when I map the devices, it only shows A: Floppy, D: Cd-rom, E: Dvd. I have tried fixmbr, but it does nothing, the same thing with Fixboot. I tried diskpart, and it comes up with 4 things, the first 3 saying nothing, and the last one showing 39845 mb disk 0 on id 0 on atapi, but underneith it says not accessible. I've tried using Fdisk C: and it says you cannot format removable media. I tried putting the HDD in another computer to see if it was my hardware, but still got the same error. I'm kind of blank at the moment as to what to try next. Any help would be appreciated.
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    When you put the hard drive in another PC and still got the same error, that sounds like you confirmed it was your hard drive that is bad. If so, you will have to buy another and under the circumstance, you'll also have to buy a copy of XP Home unless you can get one from your PC manufacturer.
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    I Just set my drive up as a slave to my sisters computer, and it shows my presario recovery partition D:, but doesn't show my other partition with all my files on it. I'm not sure really how to format just that harddrive
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