Boot from flash drive?

By nuttyballs
Jun 14, 2010
  1. Hi all, i am trying to boot a bastard, its got no dvd/cd or floppy (dell inspiron D420), but i got a 4 gig zip drive, can NE1 tell me how or what to put on the zip to make it bootable, ?

  2. raybay

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    I can send you a method published in the latest issue of "Build the Perfect PC" published by MaximumPC if you don't have access to a copy. The article is called, "Make a Bootable USB Key", and is found on page 78.
  3. nuttyballs

    nuttyballs TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi thanks for that, i found the said article and am reading now. I tried the mac designs solution from the link by stealthmode 13/9/09 but get stuck half way as my flash drive letter is not valid, changed letter etc still nothing, so i will try this method later when i have read it 2 or 3 times.

  4. nuttyballs

    nuttyballs TS Rookie Topic Starter

    gettin there

    Bin away with baby probs, sry 4 length of absence, but i did manage a few hours on the prob this am 3.15 ish. I used Flashboot 2 to load xp on a 4 gig stick and booted it and got... blue screen
    STOP:eek:xoooooo7e(oxcoooooo5,oxf7a5f208,oxf7a5efo8) pci.sys - address f7613obf base at f760cooo, datestamp 367d855c.

    Instead of booting i ran the on board diagnostics which gave " Pre boot system assessment no diagnostic utility partition identified". Tried this with win 2000 pro...same death screen, win 98 just kept lookin for a cd rom so it didn' get to a crash. Is there something you have to do to a new notebook other than fdisk and format which both worked ? This unit was new/used, as in never got used but plugged in so no initial setup ( i was told they were bough from an auction of ex E.EC. office equipment), any help..... In praise of flashboot2.......saves so much grief.

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