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Jan 21, 2004
  1. My system was working fine today, then I installed a program for my Nike MP3 player. It wanted a Reboot so I gave it one. Problem is that when it came back to life, it didn't... I have powered off and on, but it never makes it past the compaq screen. Video card runs through, but it never makes it to the XP Home startup screen.

    Anyone with any ideas????

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Have you tried booting into safe mode yet?
  4. gfries_1280

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    cannot even get to bios let alone safe mode, so cant do that.
  5. gfries_1280

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    Everyone, thanks for the replies, but the problem is now fixed. I am not sure how it got fixed, but it works now, so I am happy. All I did was took the power cord out of the wall for about 30 min, and then switched the jumpers on my hdd's to cable select. Don't know why this worked but it did, and after trying tons of other stuff first.

    Thanks again, but I think that the illusive computer gods are to blame for this one.
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