Bottlenecking/drivers or something else?

By Tha General
Aug 20, 2008
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    Very simple question, can a GPU bottleneck a computer and only affect certain games?

    It seems like i have to take back my 8400GS, maybe my rig is too weak to handle it. Thats what it seems anyway. The 8400GS runs some games just fine, and others like crap.

    Tthe 2400 HD card was doing the same thing, only thing, say for example in timeshift using my 2400 the game runs perfect, but using the 6200 or the 8400GS it runs like crap. Another thing, Crysis runs better with my 6200 and with my 8400GS,, but runs like crap on the 2400.

    The 6200 PSU is 250
    The 2400 is 270
    The 8400GS is 300

    More examples, Tomb Raider legend runs perfect on my 6200, but runs like sh** on the 2400 and runs like crap on the 8400GS. Unreal GOLD, runs good on my 6200, but runs terrible with my 2400, and runs perfect with my 8400GS.

    Do you think this is bottlenecking or a driver issue?
    I can't seem to figure it out, but my 8400GS has to go back and i will buying the HIS X1550. Seems like DX9 cards in PCI form runs better then the DX10 PCI Cards.

    It just seems weird, the 8400GS runs some games good and others terrible, the same with the 2400 , and the 6200 runs games good, but can't run some of the newer games at all or good.

    Another thing, when i was using windows98se, i never had any trouble running my older games. For Example: Flatout 1 and 2, using windows98se i can run those games at near 50fps, but switching to XP, well those games runs terrible.

    I was just thinking about going back to windows98se and just buy a secondary computer to play the newer games and i might just end up this. If i can't find a good PCI card to play every game or the games i want.

    I think the X1300 or X1550 or even the SParkle 8500GT might fare better, but i think it has something to do with drivers if you ask me.

    For example, in Turok 2 older game, if i use any of the new forceware drivers, the game runs terrible, but going back to an older driver the game runs just fine.

  2. EXCellR8

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    It really all comes down to which drivers you are running. A GPU can't really "bottleneck" a system, it's usually the other way around with the CPU. Certain games may run poorly with a particular driver and run fine with another. Try a few different ones and see if you get any different results and post up what you find. Also keep in mind that game performance can depend drastically with the OS in which it is using to run.
  3. mailpup

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    For games that ran well under Windows 98SE but not so good under XP, change the compatibility mode. That worked especially well with Homeworld, for example. However, for Tomb Raider games that came out before XP, I still can't get them to run right with XP even with a third party patch specifically designed to fix XP issues.

    I still have an old Windows 98SE I keep for running such games. It's more or less stored away at the moment but it still works. For the new games I have a newer PC.
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