Broken ZIF socket lever

By georgio
Jan 28, 2007
  1. Broken ZIF socket lever [ SOLVED ... FIXED !!!! ]

    Hi all ... just joined ... my first post !

    Was shipped a used Mobo bought on Ebay with a broken-off plastic socket lever for the 478 socket. I can slide the ZIF socket upper (white) portion manually from open to "snapped-in" closed position ... but only without the CPU in the socket. Is there any way to engage the CPU pins properly, or remove the ZIF socket and attempt a repair ?

    :) Georg
  2. Tedster

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    I'm afraid not. Return the MOBO and get a refund if possible. I hope this was disclosed in the sale.
  3. georgio

    georgio TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, Tedster. No, of course the broken lever was not revealed. Seller claims it was working. Very minor chance it may have been damaged in shipping (if the lever was not locked down for example).

    This is an epxensive SuperMicro Mobo ... I'd like to use it if I can. What is underneath the upper (sliding part) of the socket ? If I remove that piece will the CPU fit into the base portion (not Zero Insertion Force) ? I don't mind jimmying with it a little, but I thought I'd ask before I do something destructive.

    I downloaded some technical docs from Intel ... even a drawing that shows the ZIF socket, but NOT the part that shows the internal workings of it.

    Thanks again ...
    :) Georg
  4. georgio

    georgio TS Rookie Topic Starter

    **** !!!! Fixed !!!! ****

    I emailed the manufacturer of the board (Supermicro). Even though I offered to pay for repairs ... due to being out-of-warranty, and because they said the entire board would have to be replaced ... they refused the RMA. (Ok ... that was expected.)

    I'm not sure if it was in this forum in another thread or in another forum, but I found a reference to Under "Contact" you will find Gary's mailing address and email. After Gary did not reply to my emailed inquiry I found an alternate method of contacting him 48 hours later, and he said he can probably FIX IT :)
    On Wednesday I used USPS Priority mail to ship him the motherboard (with a money order and pre-paid return shipping). He received it on Friday. On Monday I had a fully working motherboard back on my desk ! :)

    Gary may not be good with email, but he is a WIZ (!) with Mobo Repair. THANK YOU GARY !
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