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Browser issues

By Agent86
Dec 17, 2009
  1. Hi for about 3 years i have had contstant browser issues. I suffered an attack where my browser would crash, system restore, anti/mal/virus scan, reinstall of browser wouldnt fix it i had to format. Then with in moments of connecting to net same problem. In the end windows defender was installed and it would block 20+ attacks on pc operating system when ever my antivirus did a update, but still same browser problem and even server browser problem in steam, even to this day same issue. Except i dont get any operating system attacks these days just browser issues.

    Recently i noticed in eset smart security 4 that when i tried to go to one of the sites that are crashing it would detect dns posioning attack. Using eset i would connect, but out of all antivirus only kaspersky and eset are the only ones that block this problem.

    Someone suggested using open dns server. this worked for 24 hours all good. Then steam browser problem then browser prolem in mozilla again. I think it followed me in steam or yahoo.

    I am parinoid i am on a hackers netbot being constantly attacked like this

    Any help for this problem will be much appreciated

    I now run f secure trial, i am going to buy eset soon was using trial edition.
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    What OS are you using?
    Which Browser?

    I would stick with the simple internal firewall and a good av with spyware protection. Now if you use Windows 7 you just have to download MSE from Microsoft. Then you're set. I would also recommend a home router to prevent those pest who like to invade your system. If you run updates and patches daily you shouldn't have to deal with these issues. Good defense helps. PC can't do it alone. The browser of choice is Firefox with Ad Block Plus and then search for Malware list to block out those other pest from trying to envisage your browser. Spyware Blaster is good for exceptions too. The OS like Windows XP has security holes that let Malware walk right in. But those can be tighten under SRP for malware.
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