Browser shutting down during flash programs. Further problems..

By OddyseyT
Jan 24, 2010
  1. I ran the eight steps for virus/malware removal just as you said I should. Before this my browsers were closing down when I played flash games. Now I can't get firefox to stay open at all, and it seems that Internet explorer won't work at all.

    I am including all the logs and results from my anti-virus software. Microsoft Security Essentials did find a browser modifier -- win32/zwangi

    I recently had a malware attack from the Internet Security 2010 virus. I think my computer is still recovering. I used Spyware Doctor to remove it.

    Thank you for taking a look at my logs and such.

    Theresa M. Lennon

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  2. Archean

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    These logs are one way of looking at whats happening; but the doesn't really tell you what have had happened in the past. Therefore, if you can check in the event viewer and let us know what errors has been logged during those crashes, these details will be of greater help.
  3. OddyseyT

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    browser error messages

    OK I am posting the few error messages I received.

    It usually doesn't give me an error message when it shuts down; it just shuts down.

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  4. OddyseyT

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    I think I may have found at least a big part of the problem. I had a playsushi add-on in addition to the viruses I acquired. It took some research, and manually entering the links for it's removal in the address bar (since clicking on the google links resulted in browser redirection.) Playsushi was very hard to uninstall, because it kept coming back.

    I uninstalled IE and firefox, and upon reinstall firefox brought hotbar and a "search" helper virus of some kind.

    I manually deleted all the hotbar files and it remains to be seen if they will stay gone when I reboot. They came back in spite of being detected and removed by my antivirus software.

    My browsers are now staying open, thank you God/dess!
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