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Nov 10, 2009
  1. Hello all,

    I am having an issue here, my computer has been running pretty well normally, however it just started giving me a random 0xc2 (bad_pool_caller) BSOD starting yesterday or the day before. I used a reference of an older post to install the Windows Debugging Tool and decode the .dmp file. I am going to decode the rest in a bit but since this computer is used for some major projects I wanted to try to get at least one txt log up here and ask if anyone could please help me figure out the issue. I know sometimes this error ends up being a ram issue. If this is the case I will go and get all new ram tomorrow and then send a nice little letter to Corsair for faulty ram since it is only 2 months old.

    My computer setup is as follows:

    Gigabyte Motherboard EP45-DS3R
    Intel QX6850 3 GHZ Quad core processor
    4 gb Corsair DDR2 XMS2 PC6400 Ram (1gb x4 Dual Channel)
    Nvidia 8800 Ultra GPU
    3 TB total of hard drive space between 4 drives, All SATA (300)
    Windows Vista x64 Ultimate
    I also have a M-Audio Mobile Pre Audio Interface for Audio/Broadcast Studio Operations (hence what the large projects I use this computer are for).

    Attached are now 3 logfiles of the minidumps.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who may be able to help me with this problem.
  2. armyboi81

    armyboi81 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just NOW realized that I posted this in the wrong area!! I am so sorry! If a moderator could put this in the BSOD area I would REALLY appreciate it! Sorry again!
  3. Route44

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    Don't sweat it. :) The mods will move it. One driver that came up in yout texts is inspect.sys and this belongs to Comodo. Interestingly someone came here just two days ago and had issues with the same driver.

    I am not saying this is your issue per se but with other Windows drivers that have to do with networking/internet that are listed you may want to a) Uninstall and reinstall Comodo or at least update it and b) update your NIC card drivers.

    * Let us know it it helps.
  4. armyboi81

    armyboi81 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you for the response, I will update/reinstal comodo first, see if this works. I did just about 10 minutes ago get another BSOD, this one was a IRQ_Less_or_Not_Equal_To I believe it was. I didn't catch the error code but I am working on the log file for it at the moment. I will let you know asap what the results of the comodo update/reinstall. Thanks again!
  5. armyboi81

    armyboi81 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey all, just reporting back in... I did what you had said Route44 and it did work for a day or so... then it all started happening all over again. I uninstalled Comodo for good and went with Avast AV and just the standard Windows Firewall. No issues since then! Everything seems to actually be running a little bit more efficiently as well, may just be a placebo but it definitely seems a little faster. I will probably never go back to comodo unless I find out that they have fixed some of their issues with Vista. Then again I am upgrading to windows 7 within a week so maybe I'll try it again then. Thank you again for your help! I would have been lost without it! If ya ever need a radio commercial made let me know ;) I'll give you one on the house for your help!
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