BSOD and no minidumps

Hi. I'm experiencing BSOD problem for quite a long time. I really don't know anymore what could be the cause of this problem and I desperately need help about it. I don't know much about this, but I've been told to upload memory dump file so that experts may determent what is the cause of my problem. But that is where another problem is. I'm not getting any new memory dump files after my PC crashes. It just stopped ''appearing''. I did everything on this site to enable mini dumps:

But I'm still not getting them... Before you tell me things like:

• The Memory.dmp file already exists and the option Overwrite Any Existing File (found in Control Panel System) is not selected. It is a good idea to leave this box checked and to move or copy the current Memory.dmp file.
• The paging file on the boot drive is not large enough. To use the "Write Debugging Information To" feature to obtain a complete memory dump file, the paging file on the boot drive must be at least as large as physical memory + 1 MB. When you create a kernel memory dump file, the file is usually around one-third the size of the physical memory on the system. Of course, this quantity will vary, depending on your circumstances.
• The paging file is not on the %systemroot% partition. When the STOP error occurs, the system crash dump is written out to the pagefile on the root of the %systemroot% drive.
• There is not room for the Memory.dmp file in the path specified in Control Panel for writing the memory dump.
• It is possible that the SCSI controller is bad or the system crash is caused by a bad SCSI controller board.
• If you specify a non-existent path, a dump file will not be written. For example, if you specify the path as C:\Dumpfiles\Memory.dmp and no C:\Dumpfiles folder exists, a dump file will not be written.

Know that I have all this set, everything is normal, I'm still not getting them. Is there any other way to solve BSOD or at least to get minidumps that will help solving it?