BSOD Error During WoW Gaming Only

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Jun 15, 2007
  1. Hello! I have been getting a BSOD at seemingly random intervals during my gameplay of World of Warcraft only. Sometimes it will go for a week without crashing, yet on the other had it sometimes crashes twice in a day. Very confusing and troublesome problem that I could really use a hand with :)

    My computer(Built it myself with a MSI Motherboard):
    P4 3.0 Ghz 800Mhz FSB
    80Gig HD, 1G Ram****

    *The Ram has been switched around from my other computer to 2 512 chips, from a previous 512 and 256 chips. However keep in mind even before the ram switch it was stilling giving me this BSOD randomly.

    Anyhow I was reading on some other threads here and I decided to get the windows debugger and do what another post suggest, which was to make a logfile of the output on the debugger so here it is. Ok, I cant send an attachment yet I guess. I can copy and paste it in here then:

    Since its only during gaming it leads me to believe its a few things:
    1) Ram
    2) Video card driver conflict (Nvidia 128Mb 5600 PCI)
    3) Network card driver conflict (New Belkin Wireless G)

    I must add something else here, I noticed when I installed the wireless G router into the PCI slot and got everything running, i seemed to have a problem with Windows wanting to control the card and the Belkin Utility wanting to control the card. It seemed to crash more frequently when I was using the Belking Utility to control the card so I switched to windows controlled and it seems to do it less... However it could be meer coinsidence.

    The video card is new and the network card is new and it still does the same error. The one 512 RAM stick however has been used since i put the computer together(2 years ago).

    Ok, I know its a long thread so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! For even sticking through to this sentence lol. Any help would be awesome!

    -- Russ Baldwin

    See the bottom part of this thread HERE for instructions on how to attach a logfile.
  2. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    This BSOD usually pretains to bad memory. Though it might not be the memory, but the "Memory Latency" or "Timings". Make sure you find what your memory's latency is and set it up in the bios.
  3. Merach

    Merach TS Rookie

    I had issues with WoW bluescreening constantly to the point where I pretty much had quit the game. Once i got a BSOD in Warcraft 3 i knew something was up. Come to find out my video card was overheating, It was a BFG 6800 GT OC, For so long I thought "There is no way it's the video card, the case is well ventalated, it is impossible" but after checking the temps and seeing them in the 90 C range, and people saying that was WAY to high, i inveseted in a new card, runs no higher than 50 C ever. go figure.
  4. Rbaldwin182

    Rbaldwin182 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hmm ok first to reply to Gavinseabrook, now that you mention it the timing on the RAM.... I think I actualy stuck two difference speeds of RAM in there one 512 PC2300 and another higher range I think, ill check it out and see if I can change the latency for them. I am not sure if two different speeds of RAM could be the culprit or not?

    Now for Merach's post, I was concerned about a possible overheating issue also on my XFX GeForce 5600 128MB PCI, so I went into the settings and turned on the overheating warning dialog. This was about a year ago when I did this and I havn't seen one time it comes up overheating, its usualy around 46 C.

    I'll try this out though, I changed the timing on my DRAM so its dual channeling at 200mhz instead of 166 the ratio is now 5:5 instead of 5:3.

    Thanks for the help i'll continue to check this thread and write back if anything fixes or changes!

    -- Russ Baldwin
  5. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Putting 2 different speed rams in your pc will mess it up. Such as if you have a PC2700 chip and a 3200 chip. They need to be the same speed, or your timings will ALWAYS be off.
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