BSOD, freezing, booting issues - all of the above

By LizAlletz
Apr 11, 2013
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  1. Let me start out by saying that I'm not tech savy in the slightest. I know just enough to generally get me by, and by that I mean basically nothing.

    I have an Acer Aspire x1420-es20p that I purchased a year ago off ebay - it did not come with a windows CD. Up until about three days ago the computer was perfectly fine, never gave me any real trouble unless I did something dumb to it. I even just splurged on a new monitor a week ago, which makes the timing of this all the more delightful for me.

    Three days ago I came home to a blue screen displaying this message: ( the message is slightly cut off, I took a picture with my cell phone at the time)

    " A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent
    your computer
    If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen,
    restart your computer. If this screen appears again,
    follow these steps: "

    etc, etc, etc. At the bottom of the message it also declared "Collecting data for a crash dump... initializing disk for crash dump".

    I panicked. I shut the computer off and waited about an hour or so before turning it back on. I was able to get into the computer and, not knowing much of anything, I immediately started a virus scan and a disk defrag, hoping to help. Both programs got about 60% through when the computer froze. I left the room hoping maybe it would unfreeze - no such luck, and the blue screen and message were back. I phoned a friend who's boyfriend has better knowledge than I do - he suggested a system restore - fantastic! However, I couldn't get back into the computer. It would start up and display an error about rebooting and disks, I apologize for not remembering it correctly. Needless to say I had no disk, so I was forced to turn it off.

    the next morning it had had enough time to have cooled down, so when I tried starting it up, I was able to get in! I ran a system restore... but was given the message upon reboot that it had not been able to complete due to my antivirus being on. Strange. It wanted me to undo the restore and try again - so I told it to do just that... and this is where the real fun of it began.

    After 10 hours - yes, 10, I went to work my 8 hour shift, came back, had dinner, and it finally displayed this - it finally showed a screen saying that the system restore had finished and that it was shutting down. marvelous. I waited. and waited. By the next morning it was still as it was, and seeing no alternative, I shut the computer off.

    Upon restart I was greeted with a black screen saying there was a disk read drive error and to press ctrl alt del to restart... which I did. And I am now in the seemingly infinite loop of doing so, because that does nothing but bring me back to the page again. I have been able to avoid it by hurridly pressing F8 - however, it does not bring me to a page allowing me to get into Safe Mode, but instead just holds the Acer Logo page allowing me to either press DEL for bios, or F-12 for the boot menu.

    Please help, if anyone can - there's far too much on that computer that I can't afford to lose!
  2. Tmagic650

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    You'll need to take this PC into a repair shop. The hard drive may be at fault here...

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