BSOD message under Windows XP Pro install! (I fixed my prob while writing this post!)

By xneepr
May 26, 2005
  1. I get BSOD when installing Windows XP Pro on my former Linux/GNU machine. (I should mention that the system whas very stable under Linux).

    This is alittle info on the issue:
    After formatting the drive (ntfs) and after the first reboot in the Windows XP installation progress, I get BSOD on Windows XP Pro logo bootup. Sometimes it just reboots directly on logo boot, sometimes i get the BSOD. Here is what it tells me:


    Okay, I've just managed to find the reason for the errors.. It's really important to think about computers like girls, or even better, a foreigner. They can tell you one thing, or many things, even though you might not know what they are talking about. Never take a computers precision for granted, thus it shall be your greatest mistake :p.

    Resolution for MY bsod:
    I just switched the old IDE cable (Prob. from 95 or something) to a new one, this is after prob. two hours of hardware failure search and bios configurations..

    Weird though that linux didn't complain about the old cable ;)
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