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By spider209999
Jul 29, 2009
  1. i was having alot of bsod, i reformatted and reinstalled windows. it got worse, mainly while i was playing games like civ4 then upon reboot it would crash 3 or 4 times in a row. but not alot otherwise.i ran chkdsk it found bad sectors, i ran data life tools and it repaired it. i then installed a new hard drive and none so far but i have yet to reinstall the game. because apparently the game had files in the bad sectors because when i went to delete them it said they were corrupt files, so i renamed them and deleted. i read the topic on bsod (the walk through) my video cards right now are at 130 and 140. could it be that they are overheating and crashing the system? my psu sits at the bottom under the video cards. or maybe bad ram. ive tried to download memtest and followed the directions but i guess im not smart enough to get it to a disc. i will attach a few of the mini dumps here, thank you for any advice, mark by the way as far as i know most bsod errors are memory_management and memory_corruption and pool_corruption
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    Are those video card temperatures in celcius or fahrenheit? I am believing they have to be fahrenheit because if it is celcius that means your temperatures converted would be 266 to 284 degrees F!

    Heat will definitely shut a system down. I don't know what kind of video card you have; are these temps under normal load or when gaming? If normal it is way too hot. If gaming then check out your cards specs/parameters on what can be expected as the functioning norm.

    Also, one minidump definitly cited memory corruption. Another way you can check if your memory is bad is to run your system with only one stick installed. let it run. Then switch out.
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    i have two geforce 8600 gtx and yes that was Fahrenheit no load just surfing here and running everrest i believe it is called, told me the temps. the one is higher of course because the other fan is blowing on it, i opened the cover and put a fan running in front and dropped them both 8 degrees. as far as the memory goes i just bought 3.0 new gigs there 16 bucks a piece so ill try that now as well. as far as the cards go, add another cooling fan i guess?
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