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I decided to spend my money on another computer, but I am low on money so I decided I was going to make a budget computer. I want it to be able to play most games, now I don't mind if the graphics have to be set to medium because most games I play I don't see that much of a difference between the setting of medium and high. Now my budget is 275 - 300 US dollars. That is for the case, motherboard, cpu/fan, power supply, memory, graphics card, cd drive, hard drive, floppy drive, all including shipping. I have a keyboard, mouse and monitor so I don't have to buy them. I also have an operating system cd. I don't want a barebone because those are to easy, I want to put the parts in myself. Here is my pick of what I was planning to get. Case Motherboard Cpu Cpu fan memory graphics card Cd drive hard drive floppy drive network card(even though the mother board has a integrated network adapter, I want to get a second one for when I connect to another computer so I don't have to keep on changing my netword setting for my cable internet)


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Nascar sim racing, call of duty, ut 2004, swat 4. like I said I don't mind having to turn the graphics down. What part isn't good for small time gaming that I listed above. I know that the graphics card even though it is kind of a budget card can play most games without problems because I use it in one of the computers at my tech school. Sorry, this is the card I ment to post, the same card just more memory.


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for ut 2004 u mean unrel tornimet right, i wopuld check there website for system requrments, asnd also call of duty is kind of damminding, the onlything i dont like about the system, is that the prosser is kind of old and not up to the task of gamming, and the ram is to low, i would invest another 75 bucks into an athlon xp and more ram


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athlon xp and gigabyte ga7n 400 pro is a solid foundation for a budget gaming system. said board is selling for under $70 (USD) here and is an alright product.


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Good Luck

Swat 4's graphics are on the same line as doom 3...good luck playing that at all on that system...I would continue to save up and just upgrade u can see from my profile and my system...I pieced my 2000 dollar sytem in a matter of months with a paper route and even had a 55 dollar phone bill to pay each month...not trying to brag but just giving a bit of advice...complete satisfaction can come from just maybe waiting a couple more months for more $$$


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You need more power

The system needs more power to run those games. The RAM needs to be beffed up, same with the video Card. The HD is a wee small. But i feel for you, buliding a low end PC that will function like as high end one is really hard. (thats what im going for with my rig). But the whole proces should be built around what you plan to do with the Computer, and i dont think that you could do serious gaming with that...but good luck

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