Building Skylake system for AAA games 1080p

By roza2016
Apr 15, 2016
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  1. With the new ddr4 memory games seems to run faster but can i3 skylake (6100-6320) won't be a bottleneck issue for a 1080p gaming with a GTX 970 videocard? I will mostly play GTA V . I saw here in TechSpot review that even i3 4th gen can handle GTX 980. I am a little bit confused which where to go i3 or i5?
  2. RGT19

    RGT19 TS Rookie

    i3 is more for daily use PC. Games require at least 4 core, so you will be good with an i5 if you are on a budget.


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  3. lukart

    lukart TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Definitely go with i5. Considering the new gen of games are much more demanding, you wont go wrong with it.

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