Bypass Windows 2000 Login Screen


TS Rookie
I have an old Dell Latitude CPx running Windiows 2000 Professional that comes from an friend of mine that had it but he can't remember the password. I tried the Administrator login where I leave the password section blank but that didn't work, how can I get into the computer? I know that these computers are obsolete and to none real use but do not write stupid answers like get an new computer, throw it away etc. I like using old technology and has it like an hobby.


TS Rookie
I know some free methods, they used to work on my Windows 10 computer,but I don't know if they work on the old dell (I have never used Windows 2000).Anyway, anything is possible.
By the way,I don't know if you know about Command Prompt,(Press the Windows Key + R key together)it would be a great way to bypass Windows login screen.I know a lot of people on the Internet say it's not good for computer beginners,it doesn't matter,other methods can help,too.