Can connect to ISP through router, but not modem

By Novelti
Oct 30, 2010
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  1. I have already been on the phone to my ISP provider (Hughes Net Satellite). Customer service with them is nothing but hours of headaches and frustrations with no resolution.. time and time again... no wonder they have so many class action suits against them..

    Anyway, after getting off the phone with customer service, with them refusing to escalate past their service 1 techs to service 2 techs which might have been able to help, I am left to my own devices and need some advice. Their last word was that it was a computer problem, and my last word was "So you are telling me that both of the computers connected to the signal have developed the same exact problem at the same exact moment in time?" This of course stumped the service tech and he simply repeated his script verbatim and ended the call.

    This is what I have discovered this morning on my own: He might have been right if it is possible for my computer to gain signal through my husband's computer via router? This is what makes me ask:

    If I bypass the router (Cisco 4 port and wireless) and plug directly from my computer to modem, my computer will not recognize the modem. All lights are green, but when I cmd - ipconfig it tells me Media disconnected and does not give me any IP addresses.

    If I bypass the router on my husband's computer, his computer connects no problem.

    When I plug everybody back into the router, I can then access the internet, and the ip addresses given are the standard router addresses (IP, submask, etc)

    The problem we are suddenly having is that if we are both online at the same time, we are getting kicked... A LOT! We are experiencing page load problems, time out errors, server not found errors, looooooong load times, and just flat kicked.

    This has only been happening for approximately 4 days. The onset was sudden and not as a result of any storm or abnormal interference on the satellite dish.

    The question (I've always been long-winded, but I believe more detail helps)

    Is it possible that my computer alone has developed a problem, and is sucking signal from my husband's computer via our router?

    If so... what is the solution?

    Thank you soooo much in advance for any responses!

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