Can driver files be swapped from command line?

By O negative
Mar 24, 2012
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  1. I'm trying to get Vista to load. When I try to load normally with boot logging enabled, the first driver it has trouble with is NDProxy.sys. It says loaded and then it says did not load (seems to try twice).

    I copied a more recently updated driver from a working Vista machine (the old one was 2008--new one June 2010) and deleted the old one. (I saved a copy to removable drive.) The new file is about 50% bigger.

    Now when I load normally the boot log shows that the driver again tries loading twice, but fails both times. With boot logging enabled on the donor machine there is no problem loading it.

    Am I missing a step? Does something need to be changed in the registry? I searched all occurances of NDProxy in the registry and recorded the details. Nothing changed after reboot. The entries in the donor machine's registry were also very similar.

    I doubt that this driver is preventing Vista from loading, but I want to get the hang of it before attempting to replace any others.

    Note: Safe mode won't load either. Only command prompt is available (or Linux live DVD--no bootable Vista disc).
  2. Leeky

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    You are most likely going to need to boot from a Vista OS disc, and perform a start up repair to your existing installation.
  3. O negative

    O negative TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    All I have is an upgrade disk. Can a boot disk be made from the working Vista machine? It can be done with XP, but the Vista help says you have to use install disks now.

    I am still puzzled why the driver loads in one machine and not the other. I'm going to have to study the update logs a little closer to see how a swap is done properly.


    I've since learned that when a driver is loaded and immediately unloaded it can be because no device was detected for the driver so I copied the old version of NDProxy back in place of the newer one and the bootlog now shows the driver loading and unloading just like it did originally.

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