Can I make X700 Faster?

By NFiltrate_Z3R0
Jul 31, 2005
  1. Hello guys. I just recently bought an X700Pro and found about a 40fps difference in games than my old Rad9550. In 3dmark05 though, I am getting like 10fps during the first 3 tests and i score under 3000.

    These are my specs:
    AMD64 3000+
    ECS K8M800-M2
    Generic HD
    1.5gigs of pc2100 ddr
    ATI Built X700Pro 8x/4x Agp
    450w powersupply

    I feel I am not getting 100% performance from my videocard. My mobo has settings which im not sure what they do, such as:AGP Aperture Size, AGP 2.0 Mode, AGP Driving Control, AGP Fast Write, AGP 3.0 calibration cycle, and VGA Share Memory Size. Am i already getting the maximum performance from my card? or is something limiting its power? btw i have the powersupply providing the videocard with the extra power it needs. Can someone help me?
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