Can my ABIT motherboard run a Geforce 6600?

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Mar 29, 2006
  1. Hello, I am currently using a VA-10 ABIT motherboard running on a Geforce FX5200. Can I upgrade to a Geforce 6600 AGP 8x without any problems? I read up on the GF6600, and it said that it required an additional Molex power connector. How can I verify that my board and power supply can run the card? Thanks so much in advance.
  2. rogerrabbit

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    For a start if you open your case, You will be able to see if you have a spare molex connector on the psu.They are little plastic plugs with 4 wires all in a row . If you have, Then your mobo will run your new graphics card.
    Once this has been verified, You will need to uninstall all your drivers for your current graphics card.
    switch off your pc.
    then take out your current graphics card being carefull to unlock the agp lock if it has one.
    insert your new agp 6600 graphics card , connect your monitor lead to it and your spare molex connector, Then switch on your pc,You then install your new drivers . Once that is done your mobo should have no problems running your new graphics card. :) :)
  3. DonNagual

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    Even if your PSU doesn't have an extra 4pin connector, you can use a splitter and tap some juice from another connection somewhere. The questions you need to confirm are:

    1. Does the particular 6600 you are ordering need the extra power connection? (not all of them do). However, this is really a minor point compared to the next question.
    2. Does your system have enough power to juice the newer card. It probably does, since it is currently powering an fx5200, but not for certain. The 6600 is a more demanding card on the system in comparison.

    Do a quick calculation here: to see what your system will need, then check the sticker on your PSU (open your case and have a look). The other important thing to check is how many amps is being put out on your +12v rail of your PSU? Again, you can confirm this on your sticker.
  4. paulla

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    Make sure you get the right type of card as well AGP not PCIe, if it's a straight 6600 you might not need extra power but if it's a 6600GT you will. Have a look on the side of your PSU and note down the figures, the +12v amps are the important one as this is what powers the molex connectors.
  5. flaeli

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    Thanks Guys

    Hello guys,

    Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. It turns out that my power supply is not able to support the new Geforce 6600GT so I decided to get another card instead: an ATI Radeon 9800. Thanks so much!!!!!!!
  6. DonNagual

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    .... you might want to hold on a bit here before you order. Why would your system be able to support a 9800 and not a 6600gt? Those two cards are not that different. What has led you to believe this (out of curiosity)?
  7. flaeli

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    Don, you're right. The 9800 requires an additional power supply as well. I didn't realise that. I guess I will have to upgrade my power supply pack as well if I want to get either the 6600GT or 9800. Hmm...this comes up to more than I initially expected to pay for. Again, thanks so much for your valuable input!
  8. DonNagual

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    Well, it depends on the maker, but there are some 6600GTs out there that DO NOT require the additional power connection. However, it doesn't really matter (what I was trying to say above, but failed ;) ) since you can always use a Y splitter if your PSU doesn't have an open cable for you.
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