Can someone please help me?

By BearTrax
Apr 29, 2007
  1. Hey all^^ my pc suddenly died one day so I decided to change the mobo(I had an Advent Xp2600+ and on system properties it showed i had 2.06ghz speed). Since the new mobo I had options for jumpers to set the fsb to the same as my chip. Trouble is I dont know the original fsb :s. If i set the mobo to default i get 1.3ghz clock speed and if i "soft clock" it via bios I get system instability. Any other jumper settings or overclock and I also get Instability Can anyone please help me? the mobo i used to have was a L7VTM VIA KT400 and now I got a ASRock K7S41GX.
  2. raybay

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    Question 1: Why do you think your motherboard died? Any chance the cpu is the problem?
    The ASRock is generally a budget home board not designed for many changes in settings or tweaking... but I do not know that particular board. There is an online manual for it... what did you learn from the manual?
  3. BearTrax

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    Not sure why the mobo died I was watching a movie and pc suddenly...well died:S It was the bios chip on the mobo that blew and I know that this is pretty rare. I had already installed an nvidia 6800gs card and things were working ok.....

    Since I have also had to renew my psu.

    From the manual I have read that there are three jumpers to set fsb 200mhz, 266mhz and 333 mhz. These have to be set according to the chip speed in order to manually clock the chip via bios. There are also multiplier pins altho i have no idea how this works and i have no jumper caps:S

    The manual is available here :-
    (its the very bottom one) and dosent help me much anyway even though Ive read it many times
  4. ceegee

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    Athlon XP (T-Bred) Desktop Processor (Model 8) 2083 MHz OPGA Organic Pin Grid Array 1.65 Volt max. Temp. 85°C 256 KB L2 Cache 333 MHz Systembus (166 MHz FSB) x 12.5

    if this is your processor then set it for 333mhz and with the multi at 12.5, the multiplier jumpers overide the cpu built in as it says, not needed for multi jumpers. i would suggest that you get the number off of the processor and google it to identify it properly
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