can two monitors combine as one?

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Apr 21, 2005
  1. My friend put this query to me as he'd love to buy a 24in widescreen tft monitor but can't afford the £700+ req'd - Ideally, he'd like to play doom 3 on as large a screen area as possible but given that he has a maximum budget of £350-£400, he can't afford the single screen option so my question on his behalf is - is it possible to play games stretched across two monitors giving a theoretical 34in's?
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    It can be done...

    It can be done but the question is will his system handle that and Doom3 and will Doom3 run on dual monitors as some game will not run on dual... the other thing is you can have driver conflicts if the two monitors are not the same make am model. I know some games will run dual and run very well but others will defalt to one and you will have the same thing on both monitors other games will force you to disable one of them or they will just crash. then others will do odd things. I forget what game it was but on my dual monitor system while playing a game the screen saver would engade on the second monitor when ever I went down this one tunnel as soon as I was at the other end it would stop. that was odd and still to this day has baffeled meny of my computer friends and family in the industry we tride every driver and setting we could toss a it at no-avail I think it was the game well that is what I am still to this day blaming is the game as evrything els worked fine and had never had that problem with anything els... when going Dual monitor I will give you a few good hints get LCD with black casing and very thin sides the other colour monitors will distract you more then the black ones will if you have kids get screen gaurds as kids love to poke LCD screens.
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    Two things:
    1) It depends on the game. Some gam3s, like unreal tournament 2004 support dual monitors witout stretching the picture and provide a signifigantly bett3r viewing angle. Its like periphial man....
    2) Two monitors produce twice the stress on the video card. Unless you have a 6800 ultra or ATI x850, the frames are going 2 be a nightmare with newer games(ESPECIALY w/ doom 3).
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    yea doom 3 aint a easy game to run, very demanding. But thats the gameing markets secret methink, they make the game murder 2 run so you ahve to buy lotza new stuff at like £500 lol i bet int eh future if you have a AMD 64 dual , 4gb ram, ati x-range an a £100 mobom theyll call you a gameing noob, mark my words lol :hotouch:
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    Thanks for the reply peeps, looks like my friends going to have to bite the bullet and dig deep into his pocket for an half decent 20in+ monitor capable of high resolutions - being his budget is £350-£400, I don't think he'll have too much trouble whittling the choices down.
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    I don't know about dual display gaming.. usually the player is at the center, so in third person view, the model would be split in half, or the weapon, controls, whatever. I'd go for triple display, but even less games support that.
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    I never thought of that - this means that the target hairline on a fps game is going to lie either to the extreme right hand side of the left monitor or on the extreme left on the right hand monitor, there would be no true centre unless a third monitor was bought in...........
    With that in mind, I can say that a duel monitor setup for gaming is a definite nono.
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    would be awsome to have 6 monitors lol going all around ya, so to look behind you jsut had to turn round. that and super surround sound. *drools* :rolleyes:
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    'would be awsome to have 6 monitors lol going all around ya, so to look behind you jsut had to turn round. that and super surround sound. *drools* '

    Wow, now that'd be cool!
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    I would go...

    I would go with 10 / 2 high and 7.1 sound I would be posible but the question is do you have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ I know of a guy that has alot of money that did something like that but the system was short lived as he is a goof and can't leave something that is not broken alone... But it was kind of buggy because of the switch box he used was not intended to do the work he was demanding, it was intended to be used for security and trafic contorl systems not gaming and programing systems but that switch was cool as you could use all the monitors as on large one or with the KVM switch built into it you could have NINE comupters display at the same time one on each of the monitors... told you He had too much money, this wored fine bet the way the system worked if you pushed two switch buttons at the same time you would kill the switch, that he did wanting to know if there were other settings. but 5 x 2 would be real nice I think. and get a 7.1 sound card with fiber optic out jack into a 800 Watt amp and some top end speekers that would smoke, and realy piss the people next door off. :hotbounce :D
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