Cannot boot from cd-drive to reinstall windows xp

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Jan 6, 2011
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  1. Hi, I woke up this morning to find my internet wasn't working on my computer. As my computer is the main computer in my connections, and the router was showing the internet was still connected, I restarted my computer. After the restart, my computer would load as normal, past the screen where I can choose to go into BIOS, ect. Then it asks which OS I would like to boot from, (Windows Recovery Console or Windows XP). Upon choosing Windows XP the screen goes black and nothing happens. I've waited for over an hour just incase. I have went into BIOS and chose boot from cd, put the windows xp cd in, but the computer will only boot right back to the screen asking me to choose an OS. I don't get the option to press a(ny) key to load from cd or anything like that. I've never had a problem reinstalling windows on this computer before, so now I'm not sure what to do. Is there anyway to possibly boot from cd from the Recovery Console ? I've been going at this trying to figure out a way to just get the comp to load so that I can wipe the disk, but I'm at a loss now so I'm hoping someone can help.


    I've also tried booting from safe mode, but upon choosing that it goes back to the choose what OS to load, (while informing me at the bottom of the screen in blue writing that it will be in safe mode), but instead of just a black screen upon loading, this time it goes to a black screen with 3 lines written:


    Nothing goes on past that point, the screen just stays there.
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    1. check to make sure that your CD is set to the the first boot drive in BIOS.

    2. check this article out and see if it helps any

    You may have a corrupted boot loader
  3. Syriius

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    In BIOS it is set to boot the cd first, it however is not. I'm personally wondering if it's possible that my disc drive has a loose or unconnected cable. Would that explain why it's not booting from the disk drive ?
  4. gwailo247

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    Its possible. When your computer is not working, its always good to make sure everything is connected properly, and to clean out dust, fans, filters, etc.
  5. Syriius

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    Okay, I have got the cd-drive working again, and have also purchased a usb cd-drive to boot from. New problem however, I changed bios to boot from the usb drive, (after putting the windows xp cd in the usb drive), it tried to load, and then came up with a blue screen error telling me that i should use chkdsk /f. How do I get to chkdsk /f ? I changed bios back to boot from hdd, yet everytime now it says boot failure, insert windows xp disc. So now I'm stuck on how to get to a point where I can use the Xp CD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. gwailo247

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    But does your internal CD drive work or not?

    When you introduce a new piece of hardware into the equation, you're not helping isolate what the problem was with your hardware originally.

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