Cannot connect to a MMORPG server.

By Xearo
Mar 1, 2006
  1. I recently upgraded my OS from win 98 to win XP pro SP2. Ever since this upgrade I cannot connect the Asherons Call server of the MMORPG that I play. Before the upgrade to XP I never had a single problem.

    I am connected to the internet with Comcast high speed cable, Modem is Motorola SB4200 Surfboard (meets or exceeds limits for XP so says M$) connected to computer with ethernet cable. Cable is in great shape all lights front and back modem are on. Network card is 3com 3c920 integ fast ethernet (3c905-TX comp) Nvidia graphics card, hercules sound card. All drivers are current and up to date. All windows updates have been done. I have re-installed XP & Asherons Call with no luck.

    I can surf any web content, watch streaming video, listen to webcast, I can logon to and play Diablo II, World of Warcraft and any other MMORPG servers. When I try to logon to AC server (game I have been playing for almost 6 years) I get to where character appears in world where I logged off at but the character never materializes (Shows up in game) I then loose my internet connection completly. I have to unplug modem & reboot comp to get connection back cannot do 1 or the other must do both to get connection back.

    I have tried everything that I can think of, Disabled firewall, Added game clients and ports into firewall exceptions even though its disabled, No Anti Virus program installed right now as I have re-installed to try to fix this problem.

    Can anyone help me please? Thanks
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    lol Turbine online & their e-mail Tech support are a joke. Their canned responses are you need to update your drivers, update DirectX to 9.0, & my favorite re-install Asherons Call.

    Forget the fact that you just told them that you have all the newest drivers, DirectX 9.0c installed, allready tried re-installing not only AC but also windows XP.

    During one session with their online support I told him I added ports 9000-9013 UDP to firewall exceptions list even though firewall was disabled a few minutes later he (Peter) says to me you mentioned ports earlier to me can you tell me what these ports you added to your firewall are for? I'm like your kidding me right? Asherons Call recieves it information from Turbines server to my computer thru ports 9000-9013 you work for Turbine & are Technical support and don't even now the basic technical things about the game your supporting?

    Long story short, Turbine Tech Support is a joke.

    Problem turned out to be modem. Don't ask me why I don't know. Played AC for over 2 years with the SB4200 never had a problem. Got a SB5101 hooked it and no problems since then.
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