Cannot get Windows to install 2000 or XP

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Oct 26, 2004
  1. Have a L7VMM3 mobo with AMI Bios. Had Win 2000 installed and running. Tried to upgrade to XP and had wierd message asking for VINYL Codec (I wasn't there so cannot verify) Computer hung and got "windows had trouble booting screen. Nothing worked. Retried installing XP, got message "Error loading operating system". Went back to WIN 2000, deleted partition from 2000 install routine, repartitioned and formatted. Continue to get same error message "error loading operating system, or if I bypass the cd and try to load from hard drive, get "no operating system error". Anybody have any ideas? This system is 6mo old. New Mobo and hard drive.
  2. Masque

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    Is your XP cd a full-version bootable or an upgrade? Is your system set to boot from CD?

    And BTW, :wave: Welcome To TechSpot! :wave: Hope you find all your answers here.
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Vinyl codec sounds like it tried to install VIA's audio drivers.

    If the CD doesn't even boot (like "error loading OS" indicates), check that the CD-drive works (cables are connected properly etc). Maybe clearing the BIOS settings could help, or at least clearing ESCD data (it's a setting in BIOS).
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    The version is upgrade, which requires that I insert win 98 CD. Win 2000 then asks which partition I want to use, do I want to format, and then copies files to disk and reboots. This is when I get the "Operating systen not found" I have had 2000 installed on this machine prior until the owner tried to upgrade to XP. That's when the error occurred and the machine froze. I have deleted the partition, using the 2000 installation cd, and I have removed EZ-Bios from the HD. I even swapped memory to be sure there was no problem.
  5. MrGaribaldi

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    Is the win2k also an upgrade?

    You might have better luck installing W98 first, then upgrading that to either XP or 2k, as it is more forgiving with drivers (and systems as a whole) than either of the other two...

    Good luck :)
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