Cannot install SATA on new computer

By DigitalBath42
Jun 13, 2005
  1. ok i just built a new computer and the specs are those listed in my profile. my problem is i cant get my HD to work therefor i cant install XP pro. when in insert the disc with SATA drivers from my mobo it installs it and then next screen it says no storage device detected windows cannot continue to install press f3 to quit and then it reboots. i also noticed after the setup screen when it is detecting devices it says my HD is non raid??? i have troubleshooting this thing to hell and i cant get it to work...not even make a sound.
  2. Nodsu

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    Please try the amazing search feature.
  3. DigitalBath42

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    thanks for the hint. its ok i figured it out myself...apparently you dont need to RAID a single drive or further more your not able to RAID a single drive there for you must disable...not enable SATA/RAID in bios. after disabling raid you install the non raid drivers for whichever chipset you have. simple...but for people inexperienced with sata its a nightmare. i ended up installing a 80 gig ide to run the os on and just installed the sata in windows.
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