Cannot Ping to, but from, the laptop in a small Router LAN.

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Jan 20, 2005
  1. There are three PCs in my network, one laptop and two desktops. They are connected to a 3Com Router. The IP addresses in then LAN is provided by the router. It is a TP wired network.
    Router: IP
    Desktop 1: IP (OS WinXP pro)
    Desktop 2: IP (OS Win98)
    Laptop: IP (OS WinXP Pro)

    The Laptop "private" IP is

    The problem is with the laptop:
    1. It gets access to the WAN - Internet connection is possible.
    2. I can Ping the private IP from
    3. I can also Ping and and from the laptop, but not to ( laptop IP given by the router)
    4. I cannot connect any shared resources on the two Desktops.

    From Desktop 1 and 2 I can:
    1. Ping and and but not the laptop
    2. I can see the laptop as an icon but not open its shared folders
    3. I can share the other Desktop and reach the WAN

    The laptop has Norton AV2004 but the Win SP2 is uninstalled. It has been working properlly from the beginning but I cannot tell what changes took place when it stopped to work. May be it was when I installed NAV2004

    Bjorn Welin
  2. andycowuk

    andycowuk TS Rookie

    Is it just antivirus or is it Internet Security too? Sounds like a fire wall on the laptop is causing your prob.

    If u have a f/w set extceptions for, subnet mask

    If you deffinately dont have the firewall, then I need to re think.
  3. bjornwelin

    bjornwelin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cannot Ping to, but from, the laptop in a small Router LAN

    It is only Anti Virus, no Internet Security. The version is NAV
    As far as I understand there is no firewall in the laptop but of course in the Router. When Service Pac 2 was installed there was a firewall but I suppose there are no remaining parts left after the uninstallation of SR 2

  4. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,272   +456

    There was a firewall with SP1 - just a bit different than the one on SP2. Definitely sounds like a firewall issue though and enabling ICMP echo requests will let you ping the machine. I doubt it's your antivirus giving you the blues.

    127.x.x.x is loopback - not exactly a private IP. It's really just used to test the behavior of your NIC. The 192.x.x.x IPs are your private Class C (usually) IP addresses. You may need to open port 135 (or even 135-139) on your laptop firewall to allow windows file sharing. If you still had SP2 on the laptop you could limit the scope of your share to certain IPs or a range of IPs, but you'll probably be safe anyway with your router out front.

    Also, I'm not sure if you're talking about sharing the desktop via Remote Desktop. If so then open port 3389 as well.
  5. bjornwelin

    bjornwelin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The firewall was disabled. If I enable ICMP and allow Ping requests and all the other boxes the problem still is not solved.
  6. bjornwelin

    bjornwelin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks - it was a firewall problem. Beside Norton AntiVirus 2004 I also had Norton Internet Security 2004 activaded on startup. There was the firewall activated! After disabling everything was OK again!
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