Cannot Re Install Windows!

By kamesh
Apr 16, 2007
  1. hi

    i had vista home premium edition installed on my machine and for some reason it was picking up my Seagate ST3200822A Barracuda Plus 200GB as offline, so i thought it will work if i just do a format, so i plugged it into my other machine and backed the data up. (Then the problems started) i put it back into the vista machine and vista would not load, said there was a hardware problem, told me to put the installation dvd back in the drive and ran a repair tool. so i put the vista installation dvd into the dvd drive and chose to boot from the dvd. A message appeared saying "please wait loading files", the progress bar fills up and then nothing! it seems the machine just crashes! so i cant even re install windows!!

    then i thought i could reinstall xp back and get some functionality, when the machine boots off the xp cd, the setups starts and i get the blue install screen, then it hangs on "starting windows setup!" i took the drive out and put it in my other machine as a slave and then formatted it. I put it back into the vista machine and still no joy! ive cleared bios and i still cant install windows!

    can anyone help me?? is there a motherboard reset that i can do?


    my spec is :

    Gigabyte GA-7N400PRO2 motherboard
    Crucial 2gb DDR 400MHz/PC3200
    Maxtor 40 IDE HD
    Seagate ST3200822AS Barracuda 200GB
    AMD Athlon XP3200+ Socket A Barton
    Sapphire Radeon X1650 PRO
  2. zerocool

    zerocool TS Rookie

    Try to do a chkdsk /r on you drive or if you have spinrite 6 (this is better ) you can run that. You may have bad sectors on your drive.
    Other things you can try:
    Change your dvd/cd rom drive
    Try using another controller on the motherboard.(used cd rom controler and slave your HD )
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