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Jul 2, 2005
  1. Greetings,

    I have a problen that just occured, here is some back info:

    I was sitting by my computer and suddently everything started lagging, so i thought "hm maybe i should restart he computer".
    So i restarted the computer but by some reason it wouldn't start up...
    Now im not 'that' good with computers so after some failed attemts to restart windows i finaly gave up and thought "maybe if i reinstalled windows, there may have been somekinda virus or something", so i booted computer with my windows.. home edition (don't pick at me), but that didn't work either, it just checked some systems as it does before you can install anything but suddently it stops and i get a blue screen where it tell me that it was unable to run windows install.
    they asked me if i had enought memory to run windows (of course i had atleast 40 gig left on my HDD when this happened)

    then windows game me this:

    Stop: 0x0000007E (0x0000005, F786A0BF, 0xF7CB608, 0xF7CB5F08)
    pci.sys - Address F786A0BF Base at F7863000, Datestamp 3b7d855c

    Im not sure what that stands for but i believe it's somekinda technical support...

    As said above i could not start in either failsafe or "as last working option"
    Neither could i reinstall windows when i booted from the CD

    Now i would want your help!
    I got NO idea whatso ever to do...

    Awaiting your answers/questions...
  2. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    Did you try to install windows with a clean install or did you try the repair function? If you did not try a clean install you should try that, which will require you to reformat the hard drive, you will lose all of the data on the hard drive.

    How much system memory do you have on your system, system memory is not the same as disk space.
  3. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Welcome to Techspot!
    If you are willing to reload Windows you should try to delete the partitions where Windows is loaded the installation Disk will do this if you make those choises.This will allow you to make new partitions and format them.You should be able to reinstall then.
    However a search at Microsoft yeilded the following which may indicate failed hardware.

    Try the reinstall I described above , if it fails you will have to take your machine for repair if you are not comfortable with a hardware troubleshoot and repair.
  4. Walach

    Walach TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Anyways, well i was gonna delete the partition where windows is located BUT everytime i try to start with the windows home boot cd i get that stop message, thats the only way i know how to reinstall/delete partitions so if you know anyone other ways to do tis PLEASE tell me, im willing to remove everything i've got on one of my HDD's to fix this bloody problem.

    but that leaves me with another problem, i don't have a windows CD key, when i bought my computer the company had allready installed windows, and not only that, if i reinstall everything and then try to download updates to my computer would that give me like a HUGE possibility to get viruses, last time i did it, it happened...

    And where can i find out my system memory... like i said im not that good with computers...

    and now i have another question, if i make a partition where ONLY my OP islocated (so i don't lose so much 'stuff' next time it happens...) how much disc space should i use i got a 250 gig HDD...

    Awaiting your response!
    thanks yet again!
  5. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    You don't mention what brand your computer is ,but there are ways to perform this operation depending upon your capabilites.
    First if you have a disk that says something like Dell operating system and drivers ,these usually have the windows license built in You won't need it.Next it is highly unlikely for you to get trojans and such if you are downloading update files from a site like Dell etc. I recommend that when you re-install you use their files as normal.
    If your computer has a floppy drive you can download a Win 98 boot disk or an image that can be burned to a CD (If you only have a CD drive)You may have to get a friend to make this or he can make a boot disk at his/her computer
    These can boot and then delete and create new Partitions.
    I recommend you make 3-4 partitions
    1-Windows 8-12 Gig
    2- Aplications 20 -25 gig
    3/4 split the remaining for mass staorage ,Backup Etc.
    Once you have done the above reboot with your windows disk it should work now.
    Let us know how things are going.
  6. Walach

    Walach TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, i don't have a floppy so thats out of the question...
    and the brand is 'Fujitsu Siemens'.

    What should i download from and burn to a cd, im not sure?

    awaiting response.
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