Cannot update/install Java Runtime Environment

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Feb 2, 2007
  1. Hi, since a few days ago, I have had sporadic issues on my recently new asus laptop. I was having a problem with flash and shockwave not being able to display properly in IE & Firefox,

    finally after numerous uninstalls i got the flash/shock content installed.


    I do not know why, but something happened and uninstalled J2RE 5 update 10 that was already on my computer, but it must have been corrupt or something.

    I try to update using java online updater, online download option, or full offline installer option and nothing works, I keep getting errors,

    like please verify the installer is a valid microsoft installer script, another one is a transport error. cannot deliver java update engine.

    What I've also tried:
    - Dial-a-fix to clear active-x controls, and re-register libraries
    - reinstall acrobat 8 professional, also a repair install to fix pdf's not loading in either browser
    - I keep getting a MS update for XML 4.0 that keeps downloading but NEVER installs, even though add/remove says it is installed.
    - I also tried installing BREA jrocket runtime environment, installed successfully, but still cant display java content online, and I am sure it doesnt work in any program that requires java.
    - Also re-installed firefox twice, after trying to install a script addon that did nothing for me from their recommended script updates.

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!! please! thank you so much for many suggestions!
  2. tipstir

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    Do it manually, download the software which you can get. Then install that way. Don't do it over the internet install. Also do a custom install and don't let google or yahoo tool bar get installed.

    Btw what OS are you using?
  3. zynizen

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    this is what i did do. I downloaded the offline installation, it doesn't even get to the installation part. after the downloaded EXE is run, it goes through its own first self extraction process and then gives the errors!

    Running Windows XP Pro SP2, 1GB ram, Asus Laptop, P5JB i believe, its an associates of mine, so I cant remember the exact model.

    Again the installation doesnt even get to the point where i can choose options, it crashes/freezes before it even gets to that point.

    its RIDICULOUS! I think i've tried everything at this point except a restore which is not an option.

    thanks again
  4. pianodude

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    I too had this problem. Here's how to fix it:
    Instead of downloading the online installer, try the offline installer from here:
    Only do this if the offline installer fails!

    If when the download is finished, a new error occurs, try this:
    Start>Explore. Then go to User > Application Data > Sun > Java. There you will find a folder with the version of java installer as the title. (jre1.6.0_07) Inside you will find the installer again. Double-Click. This should work.
    Some games might require the Java Plug-In for Firefox. To install this:
    Before Installing, in the orange Java installation window, check the check box in the lower left corner.
    It will ask you what you wish to install. Usually, it will be set up already for what you need. However, Just in case, make sure that the 1st and 3rd Options will be installed. Good Luck!

    P.S.- Application Data will be hidden, to show it go to tools>Folder Options. Then go to the View tab, and find Hidden Files and Folders. Check "Show hidden files and folders" Be sure to Re-hide folders when finished by checking "Do not show hidden files and folders"
  5. klondike_ca

    klondike_ca TS Rookie


    Thanks very much for the type about the application folder.. I have tried everything else and nothing seemed to work.

    Much appreciated
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