Canon S400 driver for Windows 7

By Nas21
Dec 20, 2009
  1. Hi

    I really need to find a driver for a Canon S400 printer for Windows 7.
    The printer is in great working condition and I would really like to still be able to use it. Inserting the CD makes no difference, or ever attaching the printer via the USB. Please help!
    Thank you
  2. LookinAround

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    I'm afraid you're almost certainly going to be out of luck (especially as i see Cannon stopped driver support for the S400 with XP)

    Now there is one remote chance for an alternate solution.. and that's a Windows 7 capability called "virtualization" but it requires both 1) You run Windows 7 Professional and 2) Hardware support from your CPU.... Are you running a Windows 7 Home version? If so, we needn't check your CPU capabilities
  3. tipstir

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    Might be a fix for this is getting a small DP-301U 10/100 Ethernet USB Print Server which you would connect the printer by USB to this device. You'll need a router or switch or crossover cable and PCI Ethernet Card.

    Emulator (Web Admin)

    Device runs from $19.99 and up
    PCI adapter for desktop $8 and up

    Since the driver is XP you only need to push the driver down to the System, no need for CD. I still use XP drivers on Windows 7 for my USB lexmark Laser but I do it with the DP-301U. You can have a couple of these for each USB non network printer you have. Thus this will make your printer into network printer.

    Other than this method you would have to go out and buy wireless canon all-in-one I found one yesterday selling for $129 bucks.

    Good Luck!
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