Can't access main hd from disk management

By hashtoker
Sep 10, 2010
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  1. Ok so here is my problem. I am trying to do a clean install from windows xp to windows 7. I insert the disk and attempt to boot from cd upon startup but for some reason both my wired and wireless keyboards are disabled during the time when it asks me to "press any key to boot from cd". I set it to cd-rom primary and disabled all other boot drives but it still boots from my harddrive. Upon further investigation I see the partitioned drives (c: and f: ) under my computer but not in disk management. When attempting to install while running windows the only drive option I have is g: drive. It will not however let me install on this drive. I see there are several solutions to what I might be able to do but not sure which would be the easiest. I ran Partition Table Doctor and I can in fact see all drives there (c: & f: partitioned and g: ). I was able to manually format both f: and g: so they are both now clear, but can't seem to access c: as it is the operating system. I have also ran Trojan Remover hoping this would resolve the issue but that also helped nothing. Should I remove the hd containing c: and f: drives, install on g: and hope that I can then reconnect the other and format, partition it even though there will be 2 operating systems installed on 2 seperate hd's? I am lost on the best solution. Thanks for any suggestions you all might have.
  2. pjamme

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    Some older BIOs need a PS2 to access keyboard during bootup. Since you have a wireless now, you probably still have the original PS2 around. Try that or borrow one so you can hit that elusive "Any Key" during boot.
  3. LookinAround

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    Look at your BIOS options. Older BIOS usually had to be told to provide USB support. (Once Windows starts, Windows is the one supporting USB)

    Check if there's an option in your BIOS for USB Legacy Support and, if so, set it to Enabled. This tells BIOS to provide USB emulation itself (before Windows starts).

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