Can't Boot into Windows XP - is my HDD Faulty?

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Hi, after replacing my DVD drive yesterday my system will no longer boot into windows. I have a SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200 80 GB ATA. I have tried to repair the windows XP installation on this drive but no installation of XP shows up. I have also run the Seagate Disc Wizard and it identified that there was an error with the file system on the drive (which was NFTS) but didn’t give me any instructions as to how I could solve it.

Currently the drive is in a friends PC and is showing as connected, but at only 20 GB partition not the full 80 GB it should be there. When I try to access it a prompt asks me to format the drive.

Can suggest any steps I need to take to help me to identify what is wrong with this drive and if it can be repaired it?

Many Thanks

P.S. i wasn't sure if this is an OS problem or a Stroage problem


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Set the jumper settings on both your hard drive and your dvd to cable select (cs).
Make sure that if they are both on the same data cable that the hard drive is on the end connector.
Then check your bios to see that the hard drive is the primary then check boot sequency.
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