Can't Boot PC anymore

By delfofthebla
May 21, 2008
  1. I just built a new computer about 2 months ago or so. It has run fine up until this point, It started with BSOD's but reinstalling windows fixed that and I have had 0 problems since.

    This morning I turned on my computer, and all it showed was a black screen. no intiial beep before loading windows like it usually does. I restart the computer and this time i get the beep, but it just sits on the menu where it shows the stats of my computer hardware (also the menu where I enter bios). It freezes at this point and theres nothing I can do, I try entering bios, nothing. Restart computer, exact same problem. I gave it an hour or so and went back, and now i'm at the origional problem. I turn it on and it just sits there, without loading video, without beeping, and without the possibilty to get into bios.

    It was running perfectly fine the night before, I didnt install anything new, or mess with any hardware. Any ideas?
  2. delfofthebla

    delfofthebla TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    seems I always seem to figure it out after posting here, and its always something stupid.

    Somehow my USB external hard drive had fried either at that moment, or somehow magically last night. I tried to see if there was some sort of hardware problem and booted up the PC with just the PSU plugged in. I heard the beep. Excited i plugged in the monitor, windows was loading. after i plugged everything in I see the error "Windows was unable to recognize USB device" I restart my computer and it freezes on BIOS. Unplug the external HD, unfrozen. Going to leave the post up for anyone that just happens to come across a similar problem, but for me...issue solved.
  3. SittingDuckie

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    I had a similar problem but with an internal HD, when I tried porting it to new PC. I tried connecting the drive through IDE internally, and also using a usb adapter. Neither worked. A friend tried the USB thing into his laptop, but still no luck. He then connected it via IDE to his PC and the drive worked without issues for him... background to the problem seems a little different to yours, but thought I'd say something incase you were about to throw the external out...just that you might like to test it on another PC before tossing it.
  4. delfofthebla

    delfofthebla TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    yeah i figured id try and find some sort of new converter to keep it as a USB drive, figured it was some sort of usb hardware issue.
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