Can't boot Windows XP in any way...

By emcee47
Aug 9, 2012
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  1. At the risk of someone telling me (as a self-professed dummy) that I'm even dafter than I thought, I have spent a day trying to follow the professional's tips for resolving the above situation on my PC.
    Have had no previous problems booting up until today ... now the booting gets as far as the Windows XP screen with its progress bar speeding along merrily ... then a 'click' and it goes back to booting up from scratch again.
    Have tried all the suggestions about stopping it automatically rebooting each time, trying to start in Safe Mode, using the Windows XP CD, etc., etc., but, whichever path I take either gets the blue screen of death or it goes back to rebooting again.
    Don't know if the following codes shown on the blue screen mean anything to anyone ... : '0x82FACE30; 0xC0000006; 0x00000000; 0x00000000' ?
    Reference the CD option, even going into the advanced options, the CD one isn't listed.
  2. Tmagic650

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  3. emcee47

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    Thanks so much for the reply. Unfortunately, because I didn't think I would be getting an answer to this query, I had to send the machine away to a computer specialist. Nevertheless, I'm very grateful for your thoughts.
  4. Tmagic650

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    Okay good luck :)

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