Can't format my PC

By yrkl · 5 replies
Jul 17, 2008
  1. hi,
    I tried to format my c: drive and reinstall windows xp using xp bootable disk. I can successfully boot my pc from cd. After that it'll prompt a message saying "..Inspecting your hardware configuration". but after prompting that message i don't get any instructions to proceed. The whole screen is black. I tried using another cd. but the result is same. I'm 100% sure my cd rom is working properly. but i need to format my pc. pls help me.
  2. gbhall

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    What PC are you talking about - can't see it from here......

    What bootable disk are you talking about - cant see that either.

    MUCH more information is required (sigh, why do people take us for mindreaders?). Age of PC, HDD, Ram, CPU specs. CD is retail/OEM/recovery/borrowed........
  3. i agree with gbhall you need to send us more information and we can help you then
  4. tragicallyhip

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    The recovery disk you are using came with your computer? if not you may have some trouble there.The reason is that the recovery disk that comes with your computer is slaved specifically for that machines hardware,your mobo et prevent you from sharing your copy of xp with others.Borrowing a disk would result in similar results.If your disk is not original to that machine you may have to purchase a new o.e.m. copy.
    good luck and keep posting
  5. yrkl

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    I'm using Windows Xp professional in my desktop. It is intel Pentium IV desktop PC. I don't have any recovery cd. I have Microsoft XP professional CD (bootable). I already formatted my pc earlier using that cd.

    Normally when we boot our pc using xp bootable cd it automatically inspect our hardware configurations in my knowledge. After that we can get a blue screen with saying some set of instructions if the machine already has the operaing system(XP) or the microsoft agreement.

    But when I was trying to format this time , I got this prompt saying "..Inspecting your hardware configuration". But I couldn't go beyond that. Because my screen doesn't appear anything after that.

    That is my problem. I think it is sufficient to understand the problem for u.. If not pls let me know.
  6. kimsland

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    I believe it may be your actual HardDrive.

    If it's an ATA (also known as IDE) HardDrive, confirm it is set for CS (Cable Select) on the jumper at the rear of the HardDrive. Also confirm it is in IDE0 (the first IDE Port on the M/b

    If it's a SATA, try a different Sata port, or possibly some Satas require a Dos Driver (ie the F6 part, when starting with a Windows Setup CD)
    This is why, others have replied requesting more info (System Specs)
    We must then tell you many options, instead of just one.
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