can't get 1.8Ghz of athlon xp 1800+

By elfi
Feb 7, 2006
  1. hi all,

    i have a athlon xp 1800+ Tbred A and an MSI KT6V mobo.
    i got till 1.6Ghz with multi11x and fsb 145 but if i do more fsb my pc restarts every time.
    512 mem pc 3200
    Fx5200 128mb geforce video card
    my vcore is 1.65v but i don't want to go there.

    any help please on this i just want to go to 1.8Ghz but they say a athlon xp 1800+ Tbred goes till 2.4Ghz :hotbounce
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    many of the newer versions of the so-called overclocker chips have been locked by the manufactuer. the XP 3200+ is a perfect example.
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