Cant get in to Bios

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Jul 22, 2006
  1. Help !!!! Cant get in to Bios

    I have a gateway with a pentium 3 , it had 98 on it i put 2000. Iyt was working for a while. got alott of bsods so i decided to reload , went to change the boot order and i cant get into the bios to make the changes. I tried to clear out cmos, Took the hrd drive out, when it reboots i do get the option to press f1 for sytem settings or press the tab for system messages.
    When i press either one of those all it will do is hang up.
  2. tomrca

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    did you upgrade to 2000 or format first, then install fresh?
  3. porter

    porter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    formatted first
  4. porter

    porter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    is that all you have to ask, i really need some help here
  5. Sonjay

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    How did you clear the bios, with the jumper or did you remove the battery? If you used the jumper then try removing the battery for a few minutes. It may make no difference but that's where i would start from.
  6. tomrca

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    have you tried resetting the boot order again and boot from disc
  7. pctec

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    This is a desktop correct?
    Try removing the cmos battery for 5 minutes.
  8. N3051M

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    Knowing all your eager and willingness to help, it does help to pay attention to not only the original posts but also the previous posts before you. I would think theres only two methods that you can do this (clear CMOS), and either one achieves the same result. Although its true that it won't hurt to try the other mehtod if available.. as sonjay pointed out.

    -open up your pc, take out all unecessary PCI cards, drives etc so you're left with the bare system (mobo, cpu, hdd, floppy, cd, power, video/audio). Try booting now
    -see if there is a BIOS flash available for your motherboard
    -Observe for any physical signs of damage on any of the components like popped/leaking capacitors, burns, smells etc
    -pop your hdd into an external case or another pc and get your important stuff off it (you might as well if you already havent done so)
    -what was your reason of changing the current boot order, and to what order did you have previously and wished to change it to?
    -Do you remember any environmental changes (apart from the OS upgrade) that occured? hardware/software
    -Anything else you remember about those error messages? or any other details?
    -Have there been a power surge, or blackout recently in your area?
  9. Tedster

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