can't install software

By topprops
Feb 14, 2006
  1. I can't reinstall or upgrade a number of software packages. I can't reinstall parts of adobe suite cs2 and ghost 10, because the install programs think a previous version of software exists and can't uninstall it. but I have removed all versions of adobe and norton from computer. I have throughly cleaned the registry of all references to adobe, norton, and symantec. I have removed from documents and settings any reference to any of these programs, I have removed all program files and all common files for any of these programs. I have repeated this in safe mode. the only reference left in registry are the legacy references that can not be removed. But still the install programs think there is a prior version installed. Where are these references and how do I get rid of them? Oh, all files including protected files are shown. I have emptied recycle bin. What is going on? Help?


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