Can't log on to windows xp

By saneobsesedgirl
Jun 29, 2005
  1. hi.

    I have a very complicated problem that's been frustrating me. I can't log on to my desktop pc anymore. It gives me this message when i type in my password : windows cannot log on because your profile cannot be loaded. check that you are connected to the network, or that your network is functioning correctly. if this problem persists, contacte your network administrator."

    before this happened. I was trying to set up networks on my my desktop and my laptop. I wanted to transfer files from my desktop to my new laptop. I did the whole set up net wizard thing and named the folders the same name on laptop n desktop... I am using a cat5e crossover cable to connect to both. well after i set up the networks... i can see printer icons pop up on both screen and well i decided to restart the both laptop and pc and after the laptop log on ok, but the pc .. a box popped up showing something of i believe proxy... or ... i forgot what it said.. something i'd say related to network... i believe i pressed canceled and then the log on box pops up and i typed in my password and that's when the message showed. last night that box popped up on my laptop too... i've attempted to set up networks a few times on my laptop and pc too... cuz' i didn't know how to access or transfer files between the two that's why i tried to set up networks a few times. but I hope someone can help me. i tried calling microsoft, but they told me to go online for help, because the computers were pre installed with the software and they can't help.

    thank you,
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