Can't not login Window XP

By who_r_u
Jul 27, 2007
  1. Hi

    I have problem with my Window XP's login. I didn't do anything last nite. This morning, when I turned on my computer, I couldn't login with my Admin account. I don't know whether my laptop was hacked or not.

    I read some website but some solutions require a Window CD. I think these solutions are not suitable for laptop. I also tried to login in Safe Mode but it still required to key-in password for login Admin account. Can anyone please help me to reset my password or teach me how to backup my stuffs? Thanks a lot.
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    1. I'm guessing the only thing you've typed during login is the password (as Administratior is already filled in?) If so, if the problem is as simple as Num Lock or Caps Lock you won't see it. Be and try typing in the Userid field also.
    2. Are you saying the only Account on your machine is Administrator? If so, that's not a good idea for many reasons. you found one of them.
    3. If need be, take out the drive and buy a USB or firewire enclosure for it and it connect it to a differnt machine to access the old data if need be
  3. who_r_u

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    Thanks for your reply.

    - Caps lock or Num Lock is not the my problem
    - Actually, I have Guest acc without any password. I tried to login by this acc but Window also required password
    - Do you have know any software that can help ? Thanks
  4. LookinAround

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    Boot from a good boot disk which will give you access to the files on your hard drive once it;s started

    1. I like UBCD4Win as an all-around recovery disk. But you'll have some work (not real hard tho) to build the .iso image and burn to CD. I believe for a fee you can buy a burned CD on the site as well. It also inlcudes lots of good tools to use when having computer problems and you cn cusomtize CD image build to include your own tools
    2. I've recently seen mention of Knoppix. Boot from CD and get to files.. don't know about it otherwise tho.
    3. Buy at brick store or via online download Acronis True Image Home v10. Good all around for backup/recover/cloning drive/bootable CD to recover files and drive etc. If you buy online u must use the application and follow steps to build a recover cd which lets u boot from CD. the cd will be included in the box if u go to brick store retailer
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