Can't open "My Docs" on slave drive

By QJam
Sep 25, 2010
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  1. The day I try to open files to back up photos and music is the day my comp crashed. No motherboard activity. I finally pulled drive, put it into another Win XP machine as a slave. I've pulled other files and been able to save them, yet I can't get to the main My Documents folder under my ID (access restricted/denied) error.

    Is there a way to get inside and access these folders; some trick I do not know?
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  3. QJam

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    Thank you,
    I did search forum posts before I asked, and did not see the answer I needed.

    After posting, the "similar posts" at bottom of page came up, and I am following directions given.
    Thanks, I think it will work, as all my file names are running past, giving access to the admin acct.

    I appreciate the assistance.
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