Can't search from address bar

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Apr 28, 2003
  1. tata

    tata TS Rookie

    Many thanks...

    I just wanted to extend a great big thanks to those of you who replied to this thread with the solutions... somehow my browser was hijacked and I came across this site while searching for answers! This site was quite valuable in correcting the problem. Thanks so much everyone!
  2. doox00

    doox00 TS Rookie

    Great info, what is the info I would need to use yahoo as my default? Used to be google, but now I have found that google is evil, so I must switch :)

    good read
  3. Goldbuster

    Goldbuster TS Rookie

    Can't Search from the Address Bar

    For the first time ever I have had some good advise which worked like a treat.

    Simphatdaddy and Opchee's answers are correct and work perfectly and everyone who has this problem should follow their advise. Thanks Guys.
  4. icpirsch

    icpirsch TS Rookie

    Thanks Slimphatdaddy's... what is the cause?

    I searched a long time for a sollution to this issue and Slimphatdaddy's post solved it. I just wanted to say thanks and ask if Slimphatdaddy or anyone else has any idea what is causing this issue.
  5. L_I_Lori

    L_I_Lori TS Rookie

    Same problem here

    Hi everyone,

    I read all the posts and followed the instructions to modify the registry as given by Slimphatdaddy but I could not add

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search]
    as I do not have the search assistant field in the registry.

    I also added the additional info posted by opchee.


    I still cannot search from the address bar.

    Does anyone here have any other ideas?

    BTW.... I have used xoftspy, adaware and spybot. My system shows it is clear. I did have to reinstall XP the other day and installed a new hard drive because I did have major problems.

    Thanks you all!

  6. L_I_Lori

    L_I_Lori TS Rookie

  7. babi1542

    babi1542 TS Rookie

    cannot use address bar to search

    I have the same problem but when I try to search something it says and then a page comes up that says avg Please enter a query string
  8. sarsieisme

    sarsieisme TS Rookie

    can't find some stuff

    hi I've tried Slimphatdaddy's solution but i can't seem to find some of the entries to change:[the bolded underlined text]

    does anyone know whether or not i'm supposed to create these and then add the values? If so, do i create it as a boolean or as a string?
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