Can't see LAN

By Odyssey
Mar 31, 2011
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  1. New build:
    CPU: AMD Quad core Phenom II X4920
    mobo: MSI 785GTM-E45 (No slots used, all onboard functions)
    HDD: Seagate SATA 1T ST310000520AS
    XP Pro 64 bit
    4GB RAM

    In the network config wizard, it gets to the end and says, "Can't find hardware" (no IP # returned, nothing but that brief message)

    The ethernet cable is plugged into the ethernet jack and the jack light is glowing green.

    In the shell, ipconfig /all yields:

    "Windows IP configuration"

    Pinging the gateway yields:

    "Destination Host Unreachable" for all 4 tries.

    Ran Ubuntu virtual desktop and it connects immediately to the internet, so no hardware problems.

    I am probably overlooking something very obvious, but it has been years since I ran into a problem like this. What am I missing? TIA.
  2. Odyssey

    Odyssey TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    Blew the whistle here just before finding the solution. Had failed to run the CD that came with the new mobo. Have now done and updated drivers and it is finding the internet just fine.

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