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Mar 17, 2008
  1. I formatted computer the other day, since then i have not been able to connect to the internet. I have a belkin router, my computer has a usb stick type thing connecting me, but i can not connect. I can find the belkin when i search for it but when i click connect and go onto the internet it says something about DNS. I have tryed reinstallations etc but nothing. Any help? Thanks!
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    So, hopefully you reformatted, reinstalled the OS, and then reinstalled the chipset drivers.

    You will need to reinstall your Network Adapter drivers from your accessory cd that came with the mobo (if the adapter is onboard) or with the card (if a PCI slot adapter card).

    With a wireless connection, I believe you then need to go into the Control Panel and click on 'Wireless Network Setup Wizard'.
  3. Darrenbilly

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    No cd

    There is no cd with this computer. How can i find out the driver needed so that i can download it from the internet? Thanks
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    If your computer can find / talk to the Belkin router it should mean a driver is already loaded for the network card (tho not necessarily the latest version)

    Suggest you start here with this link Tutorial: Basic networking to determine where you are wrt connectivity and what's working or not.

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    Oh. And if you have both wireless and wired options for your computer, i'd advise you initially focus on the wired connection as there are far fewer variables involved to go wrong... If that seems to get you nowhere do try wireless as well to make sure the problem's not in the LAN network card itself or the LAN cable.
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    Click start, then run then enter cmd /k, then enter ipconfig /all.

    Does it list values for IP address, subnet mask , default gateway, DHCP server and DNS servers?
  6. Darrenbilly

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    Turns out it did not like the security settings for the router. I set it to default settings and the computer got on no problem, my laptop said that the settings were not right for the laptop but i knew that would come up so i changed it. Thank you all for helping!
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