Capcom drops a new trailer for Devil May Cry 5

Cal Jeffrey

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Capcom revealed a new trailer for its upcoming Devil May Cry 5 at the Tokyo Game Show today. If you watch the trailer to the end, you will see new weapon-arm for Nero that looks familiar.

Capcom has given Nero a Mega Buster — the arm-mounted cannon that is Mega Man's primary weapon. The arm is a shout out to one of Capcom’s most popular games.

The buster will be a perk for those that purchase Devil May Cry’s Deluxe Edition. It also includes three Devilbreaker weapons (including the goofy Pasta Breaker), and other digital goodies.

The standard game will run you $60 on release, and the deluxe is only $10 more. Devil May Cry launches on PS4, XB1, and PC on March 8, 2019.

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What a graphically boring game. It seems like the main challenge in the game would be distinguishing the enemies from the drab background in the dark.


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I didnt even realise they were still making these games! I thought the original was great, A decent storyline and combat system... Some of the boss fights were a bit naff though.

I think I might wait for Steam bundle discount and buy the lot in one go.