Carmageddon 2

By (=DoM=)
Mar 8, 2004
  1. Did anyone ever play Carmageddon 2? think it came out in 1997, and for me, tis one of the best games ever, it was so ahead of its time, the damage models are better in C2 than in some modern racing games, and the actual gameplay was in a league of its own (basically you can either race a circuit around one of the massive environments, almost the same size as environments in VC if i remember correctly, or just do what i think 99% of people did, just set out to kill your oponents with your car using your car as a weapon or using weapons you pick up in crates like the oponent repulsifier :p )

    I never played the first one, but i did play the 3rd installment (Carmageddon TDR2000) and it sucked.

    I so hope some developer makes Carmageddon once again, and if you havnt played it, go and order it, i bet you can buy it for £5 now!!
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    Cool Pic

    Oh ye, im so reinstalling this game when i get home!!!:cool:

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