Case Swap = No video!! Please help!

By Jerky ยท 9 replies
Dec 6, 2005
  1. Today I switched my case from poorly ventilated case to a well ventilated Antec P-180. That was the smart thing I thought to make sure my very hot running computer would stay stable.

    My specs....

    Antec SP-400 (400Watt PSU)
    Asus P5P800
    Intel 3.0 Ghz 530J
    Zalman 9500 CPU Cooler
    1GB Corsair ValueRam
    eVGA 6800 Vanilla VC
    5 Maxtor Hdds

    The one thing I had to do to make this switch work that might be the problem is I had to manually increase the length of the ATX power cord using wire crimps. The way the case is laid out has the PSU on the bottom. The Asus board I have puts the ATX all the way on the top.

    When I power on the case, all the fans spin, the HDD's start up and the fan on the GPU runs. The HDD's do not begin to load windows, since I hear no noise of the sort. I ran the box for a while and the proc did heat up as I could feel the heat from it blowing off. The ram never left the slots on the mobo during the switch. I also get no error beeps from the mobo

    All the parts in this PC worked fine before the switch. There is no situation where the PSU can't handle this load of hardware. So what are my likely problems here? I'm at a loss. I'm going to try to get alternate hardware to test this out.

    Is it my crimp job? Does that ATX power connector affect video?
    Did I damage something in the move?
    Can anyone think of anything that I may have overlooked during the move that would cause no video?
    Why isn't my HDD booting into windows?

    I'm not a novice and this PC I built in the first place. I will post the results of my testing ASAP.

    Things I have tried are...

    I tried the other output ports on the video card to see for video. When I unplugged the power from the GPU it beeped like death when I put it back in, the beeping stoppped. I have attempted to unplug other parts that are using the power to rule out an issue with power consumption.

    Thanks everyone!!! Please help!

  2. mailpup

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    Get a molex to 12v ATX adapter and plug that into the P4 connector which will test your crimping job. They are inexpensive. It sounds like it could be a problem with the crimping job or maybe you crossed the wires somehow. Anyway, you should have soldered and shrink wrapped the wires.

    By the way, they make extension cables for that 12v ATX connector.
  3. Jerky

    Jerky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Did not know there was an atx connector extender. I can still undo the job I did and solder them. Does that really affect performance like this? Like IE no evil screw up beeps?
  4. danone

    danone TS Rookie

    I have nearly the same problem.
    Make this 2 tests: With the PSU on, if you press the power on button more than 4 seconds, do the PSU stops?
    Try another PSU.( the old one, just to see if you get video, or any beep)
  5. Jerky

    Jerky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, I took this machine to work and before I did anything on it, I booted it one last time. I got video from the video card and the bios ran but it gave me an error about the boot drive, not a bad error, just a point the bios to the boot device. So I plugged in a keyboard and I booted it again. It came up to POST and I pressed delete to get into the BIOS. Then it hung. I tried booting it again, and I know it's running since I can use num lock and stuff but I'm back to no video. This sounds like a loose wire or something because I was screwing around with the crimping I did last night but I never tried an alternate monitor, which is what I used today at work.

    I'm going to try another AGP card right now. The result is that the other video card works fine. So what I'm going to do is take this AGP 6800 over to my friends PC tonight and test it there. If it works there, I will have to assume that it's a power comsumption issue with the card. If it doesn't work there, I will RMA, for the second time with this card.
  6. osram

    osram TS Rookie Posts: 47

    if you consider buying a new PSU due to power consumption issues i can only recommend the 400W PSU from azn brand "superflower".

    it has a separate GPU powering cable.. it says 400 watts, but actually it goes to 450 watts max. name me a psu which has more watts than labeled on the box ;)

    the price for this quality also seems to be very fine. it has several safety features to minimize psu-related damage to your system.. and also patented, modular powercables; so you only connect the cables to the psu you really need in your system.

    it also has 14cm vent and a gay blue LED if you care. if it really is the PSU causing you problems its really worth checking out the superflower PSUs. excellent price/quality offer.
  7. Jerky

    Jerky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    While I certainly was leary of my wiring, it turns out that the video card has died once again. Thanks for the responses.
  8. Jimbolitis

    Jimbolitis TS Rookie

    Video Card

    Make sure your grounded. I'm sure you know this, but it happens to the best of us. (Lot's of static with the wind these days.)
  9. osram

    osram TS Rookie Posts: 47

    how would you ground a computer? or do you mean grounding hands on a metal part before touching the hardware of a computer?

    i only know grounding from my turntables :7
  10. Jimbolitis

    Jimbolitis TS Rookie


    You can use a grounding strap. Or as you stated, touch the case before you ever touch anything. This might not be your problem, It's just that at this time of year there is so much static electricty in the air........ You can do everything right. But just turn around , and you have built up static. This is one of the major causes of damage. A grounding strap ensures that you are always grounded. Jimbolitis.
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